Gallatin Gateway, Montana

I am writing this hoping to save the next individual/family from having to be at Cruise America's mercy. From start to finish, pick up to drop off, customer service to billing Cruise America is the most under-handed, unprofessional, and deceptive business I have had the misfortune of working with.

When my family went to pick up the RV the employee was extremely discourteous, we were given a filthy model that did not have keys and was not ready, and then we were placed in a smaller model (we rolled with it even thought it was not our plan) and got on the road. Once home it became evident that although the gauges said otherwise nothing was dumped or filled. We consequently did this work, to then get to our campsite, well out of cell service (naturally), to find the fridge stopped functioning along with the plumbing. Not to mention we found some extra trash and disgusting things tucked away in convenient crevices.

We could not get these devices to start working and lost 3 days worth of food and consequently had to leave our vacation early (loosing our paid for camp site and wasting considerable money and time). Once home we could not return the RV due to the holiday but when we arrived for our SCHEDULED drop off we were told to wait for the employee to return from lunch, which could be about an hour. When we called to address all these issues CA refused to talk to us, saying the would not deal with Customer Relation issues in person/on the phone but rather we had to email them. Once we emailed them, we were then told that we would receive a response in as many as 30 days!!!

When we finally got a response the individual refused to take any responsibility for CA part in ruining our vacation, costing us money and not providing the services it promises. Instead they cited rules and regulations. Sadly, even when their regulations sided with us (e.g. a customer should be reimbursed for rental time lost due to breakdown) they stopped emailing us altogether leaving us no recourses.

To boot the refused to refund our reservation DEPOSIT. We still have not gotten this money back.

MORAL: Do not rent with these people.

They take no pride in their work and are not interested in customer service or truly providing a unique experience to the public. They will make every effort to shirk their responsibilities and they give you no recourse for resolution if things go array, and lets face it...things can go array.

Review about: Cruise America Rv Rental.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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