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DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!! I had hoped that cruise america here in Buffalo would be okay since the bad reviews I read were only from out west, boy was I wrong. When we first got there the girl was being very over dramatic about issue they were having with another RV, she assured us that the one we were taking was in perfect working order, even though it had been brought back late and she didn't have a lot of time to go over it. Fast forward we get home to pack it and the cab AC is not working. I called customer service and they say "I am so sorry, just use the rooftop AC with the generator and we will credit you back. Call us at 8 am and we can see about getting it fixed" (it was 6pm and the shops were closed. So, we turn on the generator and the rooftop AC, finish packing and start out on the road. About 5 hours into the trip we notice everything in the freezer is thawing. I call customer service again and they say "Oh the sensor must have fallen, just tie the sensor up to the top inside the fridge and it will be okay, in the meantime we will give you a $25 credit to go buy ice and replace the food that was melted". We pulled over for the night, in the morning all of our popsicles were melted and the milk was getting warm, the fridge was at about 50 degrees, so we put a bag of ice in there to keep it cool. The freezer was at 40 degrees and all that was in there was a waste. We were four hours from our destination and had reservations so we pressed on hoping that we could salvage our trip. I called CS at 8 am and they said the closest shop was a few hours away in the wrong direction and that it would take a couple of hours to fix, instead we could just use the generator while driving to run the rooftop AC. So we do that.

We get to Assategue Island, absolutely wonderful! We had two great days because the RV was just parked. We left a day early because our food had thawed, so we were running out. I did not want to be on an island with three kids and no food. So we pack up to head home. At this point it was 91 degrees and the rooftop ac was working but barely making it up to the cab part, and with the heat coming off of the engine we were dripping sweat. We pulled over and waited for it to get dark so we could drive without as much heat. Customer service told me to call the place we picked the RV up from to let them know that we were dropping it off a day early and tell them the issues it was having. 1- cab ac did not work at all, 2- fridge and freezer were not working, 3- vent over bed was not sealed properly and was leaking water from the rooftop ac, 4- none of the cigarette lighter plugs were working (no charging our phones), 5- the compartment that had the hose was locked and the key we had did not fit it, so when we dumped out the tank we had to borrow someones hose.

The girl at the pick up place was very defensive about the issues. We told we would be there in the morning and work it out. We finally got home, cleaned out the RV and took it up to the drop off location. From the minute we pulled in the girls was very pissy (I think she is also one of the "mechanics"). She was once again over dramatic and snappy. Even though customer service gave us permission to use the generator she hassled us about it. She eventually gave us a credit for it, $58, but said there was nothing about the $25 credit for the food melting. She could have cared less that there was no AC in the cab and acted like we were ***, even though while we were waiting for her the other mechanic told us that they had problems with the AC before we took it!!!! She in nor way offered a discount for anything that had gone on and when I told her if she didn't want to give us the credit we were told we would get or a credit for the things that went on, then that was fine I would take it up with corporate. She had been getting pretty loud and I had no desire to stand there arguing with her. (During all of this a sales person came in to see if they wanted some supplies and boy did she bit that sales woman's head off, so she just left). She printed out the closing receipt and said this is what it is, I signed it and told her to have a good weekend and left. I called corporate and apparently you can only speak with Customer relations via email, it will take them 5-7 days to respond, so I will be waiting a while.

Bottom line,==King Automotive on Seneca in Elma was the location we picked up and dropped off at; they did not properly check the vehicle before sending it out and also knew it had an AC issue but sent it out anyway, the girl in charge of handling customers is extremely over dramatic, and very defensive. I had hoped they were better than the other reviews I read but they are not.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of rv did not work and poor maintenance. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of cruise america rv rental. Cruise America needs to issue a partial refund according to poster's claims.

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