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I recently rented a Cruise America large RV to go cross country from Carson California to Fair field Ohio. There were several issues with this RV and I am very upset that it was released from the location in Carson.

The RV overheated on the first grade we went over, we called in and were told to check the fluids and let it sit for a few minutes. The fluids were good and after a little while cooled down so we could continue on our trip.

The brakes on the RV were horrible and would not stop the RV in any reasonable amount of time especially on a downhill. When we called in on this problem we were told to not rely on the brakes and to use the tow button to slow down the transmission in order to use the brake to stop. We were able adjust to this after a while but should have either been advised of this up front or this issue should have been fixed.

When the associate at the Carson location showed us the RV control panel it showed that the black and grey tank were full. When questioned on it he told us that the levels always look like that at first and have to go down slowly. We had to empty the tanks on the RV the same night we picked it up because the tanks were full. So much for it being cleaned, after searching for an offensive smell on the RV I found a bag under the passenger seat with a moldy danish looking thing in it. It looked like it had been there for days.

On the second day of our trip, we had a blowout on the side of I-40 in New Mexico. We were told to fire the generator and run the air conditioner while we waited due to the heat outside and that we would be comped 4 hours of generator time. When the air conditioner was running it started pouring water into the interior of the RV. Cruise America told us that it was OK we were just angled wrong so the water was running inside instead of off the roof. When the tire person showed up he told us that it looked as though the tire had a bubble on it for awhile and that it had just finally given. This should have been noticed at the mechanic shop that all of the RV's supposedly go through.

We were unable to take a shower on the RV because when the shower was running the water would run out from under the shower pan and flow across the floor of the RV. For the couple of minutes that the shower was actually running the water did not get warm even through the hot water heater had been turned on.

During the trip there was a constant smell of propane as though the tank was leaking. We checked the tank itself and noticed that the tank level was dropping even though we weren't using it for anything but the fridge. The associate that checked us in at Fair field confirmed that there was indeed a leak with the propane tank and had to turn them off. She said that if we had tried to turn off the propane then all of the food we had in the fridge would have spoiled. When we called in we were told that we were smelling the exhaust of the vehicle and to close the windows.

Luckily for us we didn't even try to cook on the RV because if there had been a fire we would have not been able to put it out since the fire extinguisher was both empty and had a broken nozzle. I know for a fact that this is a serious OSHA violation and cannot understand how this type of problem could have been overlooked by the location.

The exhaust of the vehicle would come through the AC vents during the day as though one of the vents had a hole in it.

After the first two days the generator quit wanting to fire. When trying to start it would make funny noises and shake for about 30 seconds before fully catching. When shutting down the generator it would shake the entire RV until it finally died out.

While stopping in Louisville KY for the night there was heavy rainstorm. During the rain the roof of the RV started leaking and we had to put bowls out to catch the water. We had water coming in from around the air conditioner and up by the front of the cab where the seal was.

On the last day of the trip there was water coming out from under the dashboard on the passenger side of the RV, which tells me that the heater core is getting ready to go out as well. If someone is sitting there when the heater core goes out they will be scalded with hot water. Thankfully this didn't happen during our trip and will hopefully be fixed before the vehicle is sent back out with another innocent vacationer.

Once we finally got to Fairfield OH, the associate there stated there were not any notes entered into the system for the issues we reported except for the blown tire and nothing on the comped generator time. She further stated that this was the 6th RV she had received from the Carson location and that 5 of them were in seriously bad shape and should not have been sent cross country. The associate stated that this RV would have to be red tagged because of all of the problems it had and was not safe to be sent anywhere without some major work done to it.

This was our last vacation for the year and we were hoping to see some of the sites along the way. Due to all of the delays and issues with the RV we were unable to stop or spend anytime at the places we wanted to see and spent most of the time either cooling down the RV or taking breaks inside stores to get away from the heat.

I am seriously concerned about the dangerous situation that Cruise America put my family into with such a poorly maintained vehicle. Aside from a leaky roof and air conditioner the fact that it had a propane leak and busted fire extinguisher is completely unacceptable and is a serious hazard. No one should ever be put into this type of situation. I paid for a Cruise America RV because I wanted a safe and reliable ride that would make our trip easy and stress free, this trip was anything but stress free.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "unsafe conditions" of cruise america rv rental and associated monetary loss in the amount of $2500. Cruise America needs to issue a partial refund according to poster's claims.

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