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Letter to Cruise America before lawsuit: I'm writing to you to express my disappointment in hope that you will consider a substantial compensation to avoid legal action. We rented a 30ft RV from your company to complete a once in a lifetime dream for our family, a cross country journey one way and somehow the company manage to turn it into a very difficult and unpleasant experience to say the least.

Before we even rented the RV I had an appointment for 12.30pm but they didn't see me until 2.00 pm because the staff was dealing with an issue not related to Cruise America at all. That location has truck rentals and repair services and they had a problem with a customer from the other business. There were other Cruise America customers waiting to be seen as well. To begin when we received the RV it was infested with ants and we didn't noticed until most of the food that we loaded into the cabinets was full of ants.

We bough most of the non perishables for the trip to avoid wasting time during the journey and most of it ended up in the garbage, furthermore we had to pay to buy poison and food again wasting money precious time and millage during the trip. Next the AC stopped working on July 6th, just one day after our departure and after calling your 800 they said that they will call me back but never did. After insisting several times and receiving the same answer every time (Someone will call you soon) we ended up having to sleep with no AC with the extreme heat. On Monday July 10th, four days after the initial call I called the company again and ask permission to have it fixed and be reimbursed later, I then went to an RV store and paid $30.00 for a technician to pinpoint the issue and he determined that the cable that connects to the RV camp was defective.

I paid $77.41 for that cable and the AC worked after that. During the first few days we wasted many hours and drove paid miles to repair the RV. We thought that our problems were over until our campground neighbor made us noticed that the sewer pipes leak into the ground causing a extreme unpleasant feeling and smell to the person camping next to us since the sewer connections are on their side. The leak is much faster when unitizing the kitchen sink but customer service offer no solution.

By then we were in South Dakota and I was told that no one can help me there. We tried parking in remote places like Wall Mart parking lots to avoid the embarrassing situation but we had to go every few days to a campground to empty the tanks. During the first rain storm the window hatch didn't close all the way and our bed got all wet while driving, you can just imagine the unpleasant surprise when we stopped. Then on Friday July 21th we noticed the flat tire at 1am in Las Vegas while parking to sleep at a Wall Mart, I called customer service road side assistance just to find out that the 24/7 customer service is closed until 5.00am.

When they finally opened instead of sending someone to me they had me drive to the Wall Mart tire center where I was parked only to find out from them that they don't deal with RVs. They then sent me to Pep Boys who didn't either dealt with RVs. It seems like they just Google tire centers without first checking with them. I finally found myself a tire center who would deal with me and called from there to have you approved.

The technician was told to remove the tire and call again for approval and customer service took forever to pick up the phone. By the time it was repaired it was 11.30am, we wasted the entire morning dealing with the flat tire. I don't see why a company your size can't have a service who is actually opened 24/7 like AAA and service your customers within 1 hr like AAA. Finally just to make things worse I called the return location to find out the procedure to return after hours since our flight was at 6.00am and was told where to go to dump the waste water and refill propane gas.

The agent knew that I was going in the middle of the night but failed to tell me that the place would be closed, I then I was forced to return the RV without dumping and with less propane gas and of course they made sure to charge me for it . I'm looking for a substantial compensation to avoid legal action. I have recorded all phone calls via ACR app on my phone and recorded on video all the issues detailed.

Furthermore I don't believe that your generator measuring system is accurate at all and will demand an independent investigation on its accuracy since I don't believe the reading is correct, also based on the itinerary we drove and the amount of money spent on gasoline I don't believe your millage is correct. Either the initial reading was wrong or your millage measuring is not correc Luis

Product or Service Mentioned: Cruise America Rv Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $7500.

I didn't like: Bad customer service.

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