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Absolutely the worst. Vehicle falling apart. I contacted them when the water tank started to leak and the rep said "I needed to understand that some of their vehicles were badly treated". He then invited me to spend a day of my holiday at their depot to see IF they could repair this and the MANY other faults. I declined. NEVER rent from this company. I've lots of photos of how bad the vehicle is. Read more

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We had decided to add an RV component to our long North American road trip on an impulse. Booking the RV was easy and the provision of video and handbook information was very helpful to us as first time ever RV users. We arranged to start at San Francisco and do a round trip into Yosemite then on to Sequoia and then up the southern Pacific Coast. The pick up was at Newark which was an hour’s drive from central San Francisco. We hired a... Read more

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We hired an RV to do a family coast to coast trip with Cruise America. Unfortunately, I found that size of the RV and the rocking effect due to the cheap model of RV has meant that I felt very ill and unable to support my husband with the driving. We felt it was dangerous for us to continue on such a long journey. When I called Cruise America Customer Assistance for assistance, I was shocked by the company’s very deliberate disinterest and... Read more

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Cruise America headquarters downsized our RV just days prior to our trip. That left 2 members of our group with nowhere to ride or sleep. I made repeated calls to customer service and they refused to let me speak to a manger. They said if the smaller RV didn't work for me that I should just cancel it entirely as soon as possible so they could rebook it with someone else. They also refused to let me speak to "Customer Grievances" until after my... Read more

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Well i sent my feedback to cruise america customer relations and basically told they would not discuss the matter. No accountability. My wife basically made the reservation over the phone and asked the rep if we could take the rv on the beach and if it were 4wd. She was assured it was suitable so she reserved several months in advance sine the beach campground needed a reservation well in advance. I had my doubts so i called and was also... Read more

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Currently on a rental and at the present time we are broke down. We were sent to a repair facility that did not have the capacity to do repairs, but the service tech stated that the rental should have never been rented in this shape at all. The front tires are now leaning inwards. They advised us that the nearest repair facility cannot fix the vehicle until monday, 3 days later. They would not let is speak to a supervisor, and would not pay for... Read more

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Roach infestation, water leaking from under the bed all over the bedding & floor and a gas tank that spews and won't accept fuel - sound like fun? After spending 10 minutes on hold listening to all the "fun" we are supposed to be having, the customer service rep says: "buy a screwdriver, some plumbers tape and roach spray and we will reimburse you. I've never heard of that gas thing before." Are you kidding me? I tell her we have two weeks to go... Read more

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We just got back. Before we left they had issues with the propane. The indicator lights for on board status for water and propane did not work. The fresh water didn't work at all, but we were told it was full. After a day, the black water showed full. We had to go out of our way to dump it. It wasn't full, only had a couple of gallons in it. The indicators showed full even after we dumped it. The refrigerator would not work off of the propane.... Read more

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We rented a motor home from C/A for Memorial weekend 2016. Upon arriving home we loaded the motor home with our belongings with the idea of my wife putting things in there place as I drove. About 2 hours in, she was startled to put things away. Much to our surprise she said there was "MOLD" in the cabinets. I pulled over shortly after to take a look & sure enough. There was mold throughout the cabinets. In addition, there was coffee stains on... Read more

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I bought a Majestic 23a in Jan 2016 and LOVE it. It needed some minor repairs, but for the most part, my wife and I love or momo. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks Anthony Leyrer

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